004: Nourish Your Body With The Right Foods & Revive Your Health with Danielle Mein.

Find out how working in the ICU and being a registered dietician can help your perspective when it comes to nourishing your body with the right foods. Learn also some of Danielle’s secrets when it comes to solid food choices and why. Danielle Mein is a Registered Dietitian currently working at Broward Health Medical Center in an adult ICU as well as Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale in the cardiovascular pediatric ICU.  She is an advocate for a diet based on real, whole foods- nothing fancy, in order to promote health, regain wellness, and prevent disease. She brings it back to the basics; her recommendations are grounded in traditional practices as well as scientific research.

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“Every time you eat or drink you’re either feeding disease or fighting it.”

-Heather Morgan