001: Step Aside Beef Jerky, There’s a New Snack in Town. Take a Clean bite of Biltong and Droewors, with Ayoba-Yo’s Very Own Wian van Blommestein

Ayoba-Yo offers the cleanest alternative to a fairly tainted jerky industry. Wian, who runs the family business, took time out of his busy schedule to share his product with Ritzfit nation. I had the opportunity to try three of the products offered by Ayoba-Yo and, holy cow (no pun intended)! I will never open another bag of fake ingredient infested jerky again. This stuff is the real deal. Listen in to learn about the preparation process, the health benefits, and yes, a discount code at the end! Ayoba-Yo! Man, that’s super fun to say‚Ķ

Instagram: @ayobayousa

The link to Ayoba-Yo:


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