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All products verified by ingredient experts.

Save money.

Save time.

Save the environment.

Life is too short to mess with our food

Sneaky cheap ingredients.

Clever health marketing.

You and your family deserve better.

Corporate buyers are great with money, not nutrition!

Imagine if ingredient experts picked all the products sold in a supermarket.

How good are you at scanning ingredients?

Take the super quick and super fun Ritzfit ingredient quiz šŸ‘‡

Why I started Ritzfit

"I'm Mark Ritz, the natural product nerd behind Ritzfit. Places like Thrive Market and Whole Foods have great products, but I still continue to find junk. In 2016, I combined my passion for nutrition and food products with over a decade of experience at Costco to create a new kind of membership site; one where we don't have to spend hours researching ingredients!" 

We partner only with verified labels

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