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Join Mark Ritz, and get your swag back! In his quest to find the cleanest food and nutrition products on the planet, Mark and his guests will introduce you to the healthiest foods and supplements on the market, as they celebrate the death of diets! No more fake supplements, fake foods, or fake ingredients. The No Diet Podcast throws your diet plan out the window and opens your world up to the foods you thought you couldn't eat while identifying supplements that are actually making a difference! With Ritzfit’s No Diet Podcast, you can finally eat what you want again without cramping your style. Plus, find some awesome products, people, and businesses that can help you along the way!

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096: The Healthiest Nut on Earth? Pili Nuts with the Pili Hunter Himself, Jason Thomas

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Pronounced “peel-y,” the pili nut is a rich, buttery tree nut that is wild harvested from deep within the Filipino rainforest. Its taste is unique, often described as a cross between a macadamia nut and a cashew nut, but with a stronger, more tender flavor. Served in an activated (i.e. sprouted) form, pili nuts contain a wide range of beneficial nutrients. Containing the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut, in addition to being full of essential vitamins and minerals, pili nuts are a perfect addition to an active, sustainable lifestyle.

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093: How do I Know Which Probiotic to Take?

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Today's question comes from Sarah, who has a question about probiotics. There is a lot of noise surrounding the daunting topic, and like her, I wonder some of the same things: 1. Which probiotic to take? 2. Soil-based? 3. Refrigerated or nonrefrigerated? 4. How many strains?  

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090: Which Protein Powder Should I Take? Should I take Concentrate or Isolate? How About Egg Protein vs Grass-Fed Whey?

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Today's question comes from Michael Rodgers, who asks about our thoughts on different types of protein powders on the market. There is a lot of noise in this space, so I have brought back to the show Christian Bates of the RitzFit Qualitative Forensics Team to help clear things up.

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089: Do You Approve of Primally Pure Deodorant? Which Ingredients Should We Avoid in Deodorant Products?

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Questionnaire- Haley Davies Expert- Jordyn Stradley @fuelyourfightnutrition Today's question comes from Haley Davies, who asks what we as a team think of the ingredients in a brand that has caught some recent attention, especially in the Instagram world. Primally Pure sells 100% natural and toxin-free, skincare products that support radiant skin, a healthy body + a happy self. Listen in as Jordyn Stradley shares her opinion on their deodorant products.

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086: Is Dual-Extraction in Mushroom Products Clever Marketing or a Necessity? Which Brands do I Trust?

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  Tierney is a lover of Four Sigmatic products like many of the listeners of TNDP. Four Sigmatic makes it clear that they use a dual-extraction process when it comes to their products. Skye Chilton, son of Jeff Chilton the Pioneer of mushroom extracts talks if and when the process is needed (you'll love his answer). He also shares ways we can test our mushroom products for starch, plus find out why the presence of beta-glucans is what we should worry about the most;)

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